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IT management & consultancy

The core MDB services are built around IT management and consultancy services backed up by years of experience managing clients IT infrastructure.

Key areas of MDB's IT management and consultancy services include: -

  • IT strategy;
  • Network design and installation;
  • Management of cloud services including Microsoft 365, Google WorkSpaces, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS;
  • Management of IT infrastructure including IT asset management;
  • Security analysis / penetration testing;
  • IT policy review, development and documentation;
  • Implementation of security policies / processes / systems;
  • IT support and troubleshooting;
  • IT purchasing (hardware / software);
  • Operating system installation / configuration - Linux, MacOS, Windows.

For more information please contact us.

Linux - Debian, Ubuntu...

Where to start... MDB is a long-standing Linux user - for servers, desktops and even mobile devices (please do look at Ubuntu Touch as an alternative mobile operating system to iOS and Android).

MDB is an enormous fan of Debian Linux and we use it extensively as a server operating system for web hosting, file sharing, directory services...and more. Almost unparrelled reliability (updates don't break it unlike they do on some other operating systems!) plus excellent security built-in. If it is good enough for "International Space Station operations" then it's good enough for MDB!

And Debian is great on the desktop - with multiple desktop environments available which can run on new, high spec hardware as well as on older hardware which is no longer supported by some other operating systems, such as MacOS and Windows (just to note: Windows 11 having less hardware support than Windows 10).

We also support Windows 10 / 11 and MacOS.

Websites, WordPress & PHP

MDB has been designing and developing websites for 20 years - from small handcoded bespoke websites to larger websites using content management systems.

MDB also provide website backup, maintenance and support services - something that is especially required for WordPress sites - and we are happy to take-over the maintenance and support of WordPress sites that are no longer being supported by the original developers and to troubleshoot issues and fix problems when they occur (either through plugin, theme, core update incompatibilities or through hacks).

We also provide a range of hosting solutions from low cost shared hosting to a range of virtual server solutions hosted on Amazon's AWS service.

MDB recommends AWS Lightsail as a highly configurable cloud server platform. We can build and deploy bespoke server builds to meet your hosting requirements.

Open Source solutions

MDB have long been an advocate and supporter of open source solutions when it comes to providing IT services for clients. Benefits often include: -

  • Increased security;
  • Excellent support options - with communities and vendors supporting projects;
  • Fewer bugs and quicker fixes;
  • Far greater transparency;
  • Lower costs with greater value;
  • Multiple options - providing flexibility and removing dependency on high-cost proprietary solutions.

If you are looking to replace some of your current applications or are looking for software to solve your processing, security or storage requirements then please do contact MDB and we can look at alternatives to the often buggy and expensive proprietary products you might be looking at or have been told that you need.

MDB supported applications, products and operating systems include: Amazon AWS, Amazon Lightsail, Android, Apache, Arch Linux, ClockRite, Debian, Django, Eque2, Fedora, Google WorkSpaces, iOS, LibreOffice, MariaDB, MacOS, Microsoft 365, MySQL, NextCloud, OwnCloud, OpenSuse, OrangeHRM, QuickBooks, RackSpace, Sage, SQL server, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Touch, Windows 10, WordPress. We are a Draytek reseller.

Debian   Apache web server   MariaDB   PHP   NextCloud   Ubuntu   OpenSuse
 Logos from some of our favourite open source projects


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MDB Web & Data Solutions Limited was formed around the core web / database / programming and server admin skills of Matt Bridger (MSc / BA Hons); the accountancy and financial management skills of Lynda Bridger, Chartered Accountant (BSc / ACA); and the graphic design and HTML skills of Steve Bridger (BEng). The company was formed in early 2005 and has been trading successfully ever since, building up a portfolio of clients within industry (largely the construction sector) and also within the charity sector, which is becoming a key area of focus.

Matt - Managing Director & Founder MSc / BA Hons

After working at the Stock Exchange, in university administration, with a short period inbetween as a professional bass player, Matt found himself taking on more and more IT work in his roles and decided to return to university to formalise his skills taking a MSc in Computer Science. Once completed he set up MDB Web & Data Solutions Limited.

Matt is truly an IT all-rounder with key skills across web development (PHP, WordPress); server administration (Linux / Windows), databases (SQL server, MariaDB / MySQL); cloud management (Microsoft 365, Google WorkSpaces, Azure, Amazon AWS); infrastructure (networking / desktops / laptops / mobile devices); IT planning, strategy and policy.

Matt is a major advocate of open source technology: through this he was recruited by the Linux Foundation to participate in a committee to define required knowledge and skills for Linux professionals. His skills in open source has enabled MDB to deploy tailored web hosting environments for clients (improving application and website performance); to develop a range of bespoke PHP web applications; as well as installing and running Debian and Ubuntu servers on premise and in the cloud.

Lynda - Finance Director BSc / ACA

Lynda joined MDB in 2011 - managing the finances and providing addtional IT management and IT support. Lynda is a Chartered Accountant specialising in the charity sector.

Lynda is also an expert in QuickBooks and Sage, plus numerous other accountancy packages.

Steve - Graphic Designer & Web Developer BEng

Originally an engineer at Marconi in Chelmsford Steve changed career becoming a freelance graphic designer and web developer (a WordPress expert).

Steve has a first in Design Engineering from Loughborough University.

He is also a talented artist and illustrator - please see Steve Bridger art - working in a range of mediums, mainly painting in oils but also using acrylic, watercolour and digital techniques and he runs his own graphic design studio - Green Parrott Design.

External consultants & support

MDB has a range of external consultants and companies who we work with on major projects, including infrastructure installations (e.g. networking / telephony) and 24/7/365 IT support for large organisations.


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Please get in touch and talk to us: -

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